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Department of Civil Engineering- Faculty

Civil Engineering
Picture Name Qualification Designation Contact no Email
rthenmozhi's picture Dr. R. Thenmozhi M.E.(Struct), Ph.D Professor and HoD (Structural Engineering & Geotechnical Engineering) 9443440631 drthenmozhi@gct.ac.in
Padmini's picture Dr.D.Padmini ME.,Ph.D Professor (CAS) and HoD 9442548932 drdpadmini@gct.ac.in
J.Jeyanthi's picture Dr.J.Jeyanthi ME(Env) PhD Professor (CAS) and HoD (Environmental Engineering) & HoD (Industrial Biotechnology) 9843644570 jjeyanthi@gct.ac.in
spjeyapriya's picture Dr.S.P. Jeyapriya M.E (Geotech) Ph.D., Professor (CAS) 9443157730 jeyapriya@gct.ac.in
Meiaraj's picture Dr.C.Meiaraj ME(IWM) PhD Professor (CAS) 9994233428 cmeiaraj@gct.ac.in
Murugan's picture Dr.S. Murugan ME Associate Professor (CAS) 9344276423 smurugan@gct.ac.in
ssathyapriya's picture Dr.S.Sathyapriya ME(Geotech),Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9789469839 sathyapriya@gct.ac.in
schithra's picture Dr.S.Chithra M.E(Struct)., Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9360793507 chithras_civil@gct.ac.in
chithrar's picture Dr.R. Chithra ME(Struct), Ph.D Associate Professor (CAS) 9994243426 chithrar_civil@gct.ac.in
Rekha's picture Tmt.K.Rekha M.E(Structural Engineering) Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9944180773 krekha@gct.ac.in
Dhamodharakannan's picture Dr. G. Dhamodhara kannan ME (Struct) Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9843461470 kannan_civil@gct.ac.in
Rama's picture Dr.M.Rama M.E (Construction Engineering and Management) Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9486723545 mrama@gct.ac.in
kumarm's picture Dr.M.Kumar MSc(Geology) MPhil(Geology) PhD(Geology) Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr) 9952711014 kumar_77@gct.ac.in
vsatheeskumar's picture Dr.V.Satheeskumar M.E.(Struct.). Assistant Professor 9894626090 satheeskumar@gct.ac.in
ravathi's picture Ms.M.C.Ravathi M.E.(Struct.) Assistant Professor 9786897953 mcravathi@gmail.com
smakeshkumar's picture Mr.S.Makesh Kumar M.Tech, (Struct) Assistant Professor 9940701287 makeshkumar85@gmail.com
Bhuvaneswari's picture Tmt.R.Bhuvaneswari M.Tech Water resources Engg Assistant Professor 9600028364 pen2bhuvana@gmail.com
P.Andavar M.E Assistant Professor 9159708280 andavarptamilapce@gmail.com
Bharathi's picture Tmt.C.Bharathi M.E.Computer Methods and Application in Structural Engineering Assistant Professor 9952477444 bharathi@gct.ac.in
Rajeshkumar's picture Mr.K.Rajeshkumar ME - Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor 9791893387 rajesh.k.civil@gct.ac.in
Ms.S.Revathi M.E., Assistant Professor 9791547087 revathivlb2811@gmail.com
Mr.K.Manikandan M.E., Assistant Professor 9791412260 manicivilmj1@gmail.com