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Books published by GCT authors

Details of Book Published by GCT Authors

  1. Dr.T.Meenambal, "Environmental Science and Engineering", 2009, MJP Publication Chennai.
  2. Dr.T.Meenambal, "Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sciences", 2004, S.Chand Publisher, Delhi.
  3. Dr.P.Maruthupandi, "Electrical Engineering", Anuradha Publications, Chennai (2009), Third Edition.
  4. Dr.P.Maruthupandi, "Electrical Machines - I", Anuradha Publications, Chennai (2010), Third Edition.
  5. Dr.P.Maruthupandi, "Electrical Machines - II", Anuradha Publications, Chennai (2010), Third Edition.
  6. Dr.P.Maruthupandi, "Engineering Circuit Analysis", Anuradha Publications, Chennai (2010), Second Edition.
  7. Dr.P.Maruthupandi, "Industrial Electronics", Anuradha Publications, Chennai (2011), First Edition.
  8. Dr. S. Ganesan and N. Iyandurai. “Engineering Physics – I”, GEMS Publishers, (2013)
  9. Dr.S.Vairam, Dr. P. Kalyani and Dr. Suba Ramesh, "Engineering Chemistry", John Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, (2015)
  10. Dr. S. Vairam and C. Chelladurai, "Engineering Chemistry – I". 2015, GEMS PUBLISHERS
  11. Dr. S. Vairam and C. Chelladurai, "Engineering Chemistry – II", 2015, GEMS PUBLISHERS
  12. Dr. S. Vairam,  C. Chelladurai and A. Prabhu, "Environmental Science and Engineering", 2015. GEMS PUBLISHERS