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Boarding Rules

The hostel month will be from 20th of the preceding month to 19th of the current month (both days inclusive). The mess bill will be put up on the notice board by the first of the succeeding month. All hostel bills should be paid before the 19th of the month positively.

For late payment, a fine of Rs.50/-(rupees fifty only) will be collected upto 25th. Beyond 25th and upto the end of the month, a fine of Rs.100/-(rupees one hundred only) will be collected.

From the first of next month, the defaulted boarders will be expelled from the mess(not permitted to dine in the mess)till he/she clears the mess dues with fine. A readmission fee of Rs.200/-(rupees two hundred only) will be collected in addition to the mess bill and fine. If he/she is expelled three times he/she will not be permitted to stay in the hostel. Readmission is permitted only three times during the course. Preferential allotment will not be made hostel accommodation for frequent defaulters.

Hostel bill may be paid by account transfer through state bank of india (GCT branch,Coimbatore-641013,code no.2274) or through a demand draft drawn in favour of principal & warden, government college of technology hostel,G.C.T. campus, Coimbatore-641013 and it should be should be sent to the hostel superintendent,GCT hostels,Coimbatore-641013.

Cash,mail transfer, out station cheques and money orders will not be accepted. Payment can be made through any SBI group ATM from anywhere in india.

Government of india scholarship holders should apply for the scholarship within the prescribed time limit. The scholarship amount that is received from the government will be adjusted towards the mess dues. The scholarship amount will not be given to the candidate. The excees amount will be refunded only at the end of the course.

If any student discontinues from the hostel it will be intimated to the government.

Details of the mess bill will be displayed in the hostel  office notice boards. Students should check the details and clear the dues within the dues date.  

Bill particulars will also be given in the mess dues intimation card sent to the parent. Non receipt of the intimation cards should not be given as a reason for delay in payment.

Members should not demant any special service from the cooks or from other servants.

 Reduction from the Mess 

No reduction will be given for absence in the mess. Only on special cases reduction is permitted for valid reasons along with leave granted by the principal & warden / associate warden.

Reduction will be given effect 48 hours from the receipt of application under (n-3)rule.