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Student Innovation Contest

“Ideas are like legs; what good are they if you can't run with them.” -  Jarod Kintz 

“Leave in your present and shape your future”  - Bharathiyar

Every academic year SRF has planned to organize a Student Innovation Contest, it provides a platform to prove their technical and research talents. While all agree that an idea can change one’s life, it is time to realize any idea that can’t be implemented isn't worth a penny. Long has been the gap after the idea to lighten the world led to innovation of a bulb by Edison. With the vision of SRFGCT organized a Student Innovation Contest every year to collect best innovation and idea from budding engineer.

Round 1: Project Proposals submitted by the undergraduate students is reviewed by the selection committee comprising of senior Faculty members.

Round 2: Shortlisted project proposals further reviewed by the BOG member for funding approval.



  1. Team size is limited up to 4 members.
  2. Teams may have mixed discipline.
  3. Inclusion of juniors is encouraged.
  4. Project proposal should have a novel idea.
  5. Students are instructed to submit their proposals through their respective project guide and HOD with proper recommendation.


  1. Title of the project.
  2. Team member details with guide.
  3. Objective, Overview, and Methodology.
  4. Implementation feasibility.
  5. Societal impact.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Estimated project Cost.
  8. Project duration / Schedule of completion.