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CSE Department - Program Outcomes


PO1:  Apply knowledge of Computing, Mathematics including discrete mathematics, Probability and Queueing theory, statistics and basic sciences to provide            solutions to complex problems.

PO2:  Analyze problems with varying complexities for engineering applications.

PO3:  Design and develop software/hardware components or systems for applications.

PO4:  Study, investigate, interpret data and perform analysis of complex contemporary problems.

PO5:  Model complex engineering problems and find solutions using appropriate techniques and tools.

PO6:  Provide computer based solutions for engineering problems without compromising public health, safety, cultural, social and legal aspects.

PO7:  Analyze the local and global impact of environmental friendly hardware/software applications for sustainable development.

PO8:  Practise code of ethics in personal, social and professional activities.

PO9:  Perform effectively as an individual and as a member or a leader in a multidisciplinary team to accomplish a goal.

PO10: Connect a range of audience with an effective oral and written communication.

PO11: Ensure professional development growth through contextual, reflective and lifelong learning.

PO12: Effectively manage projects of multidisciplinary nature as a member or a leader in achieving financial goal