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Department of Physics - About the department

In the early years, especially during 40's just before independence, national effort had begun to upgrade technical education and to create technically trained personnel. Under the Department of Technical Education of Tamil nadu, as per the AICTE norms, basic science was included in all branches of engineering as compulsory in the curriculum of Engineering to build the Engineering education on strong foundation.

We are a premier Physics Department in Tamil Nadu under DTE continues to seek new ways to enhance the instructional process. The lecture cum demonstration facility is renovated and updated to bring the facility up-to-date, especially using new technologies. As part of the faculty mentoring process, all the faculties have participated several FDP programs and many teaching-related workshops to update their subject knowledge to become better trained persons both in their subject matter and teaching skills.

In the current scientific scenario, many Physics professors continue to bring new insights into  research and teaching in the frontier areas of experimental and theoretical  physics namely, semiconductor Physics, Thin film Physics, Nanomaterials and Photovoltaic materials, Crystallography and Mathematical Physics. Exploration of fundamental problems involving physics at all length scales, and to provide outstanding and innovative educational opportunities to many talented students who enroll in GCT under B.E, and Ph.D., programs. Excellence in teaching and research is the hallmark of our department.