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Department of Physics - Research Activity

Research Activity

Major Research Area

  • The faculty members of the Department of Physics carry out research in many frontier areas, which includes
  • Thin films Physics
  •  Nanomaterials & their applications
  • Semiconducting materials
  • Crystal growth
  • Theoretical Physics &Spectroscopy

    The department of Physics has purchased major research equipments during the period of       2008- 2015.​

S.No Name of the Equipment 
1 Spin Coating Unit 
2 Ultrasonic Cleaner 
3 Impedance measurement meter with sample holder and furnace 
4 Muffle Furnace 
5 Mechanical Pellatizer 
6 Hot Air Oven 
7 Photochemical Reactor- Large Quartz Tube 


Name of the Staff No. of PhDs produced  No. of publications 
Dr.N.Suriyanarayanan  10 88
Mrs. G. Ravindra Devi Revathy  - 2
Dr. S.Anbuchudarazhagan 1(under the guidance 10
Dr.S. Ayyapppan   4 (under the guidance)  10 
Dr.A.Vanitha  1 (under the guidance) 
Mrs.M.Rajeswari  -

 At present in Physics department there are 6 fulltime research scholars and 2 faculty members pursuing research leading to PhD degree.