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Research and Development Activities

BAJA SAE India Event 2018

The BAJA Racing Team GCT Screwtenizers won the first price in the Mahindra BAJA SAE India event held at IIT Roopar. The team secured cash prizes of worth Rs.2 Lakhs. The complete list of awards won are Overall Champions, First Place in Maneuverability, Second Place in Endurance, Second Place in Cost, Second Place in Sales, Second Place in Design, Third Place in Sled Pull. The team included students from various disciplines of engineering along with students from Department of Production Engineering.


The Team ASPHALTERS for winning the first price in the Tractor Design Competition by SAE India Southern section held at SRM University, Chennai. The team has managed to secure cash prizes of worth Rs 1,85000/-. The complete list of awards won are Overall Champions, First Place in Best design, Third place in Best durability. The team included students from various disciplines of engineering along with students from Department of Production Engineering. 


Automatic rigs rod pipe welding machine

Fund Received : Rs. 3,44,689/-

Guide : Dr.S. Srinivasamoorthy

Student Members: T.Janartharaja, N.Arun Prakash and S.Jayaram

It has been awarded as best project by Dr.Mayilsamy Annadurai, Scientist, ISRO.

Coir Matchbox

Fund Received : Rs. 16,545/-

Guide : Prof.A.Sasikumar

Student Members: Balakumaran.R.M, Jeeva.S, Kavin Raj.K.S

The theme of the project is to replace wooden and paper matchsticks with coir to reduce cost and deforestation to an extent.


Avant Gardo Efficycle 2014

Fund Received : Rs. 2,05,205/-

Guide : Dr.S. Gopi

AVANTGARDO is a hybrid three wheeler. The vehicle was made as a part of SAE-NIS-EFFICYCLE competition, 2014. This project has secured 7th place in this national level competition amongst 100 teams conducted in Punjab.

Efficycle 2015

  This project was selected one among the best from the 100 teams that took part in the SAE-NIS-EFFICYCLE competition 2015.


 Design of small scale prototype of step climbing machine

 Kishore R



Rescue Robot

Vishnuhasan.S.A, Gowtham.C, Arunprakash.E, Arun Kumar.S, Vinoth.C and Vijayaraghavan

The robot is selected for the CATERPILLAR FTC – competition.


Legmate Robo, Human Intelligence

Fund Received : Rs.18,000/-

Guide : Dr.S.Gopi

Student Members: G.Ilamparithy, B.Praveen Raj, S.RajaKumar and R.Rahul

It is a prototype of walk assistant robot for the physically disabled and secured third prize at the national level.


Low Cost Lawn Mover

By, S.Naveen, V.Sasi Kumar, Rajamanikam, and M.Saravanakumar

COST :RS. 3,250

The power consumption is very low in comparative to the other lawn mower of the same capacity. The machine is being successfully used in the maintenance of the lawn in the  Department of Production Engineering since September’15.


Mechanical Moving Agro Sprayer

M. Saravana Kumar, N. Ponsankar , M. Sadam Hussain, C. Ranjith Kumar

This machine makes the spraying of pesticides semi-automatic.


Ongoing Projects

Thermal to Electric Converter

Fund Received : Rs. 5,878/-

Guide : Dr.P.Ilamathi

Student members: Gunasekaran K, Abilash G, Ashok Kumar K B

The main purpose of the device is to charge the Laptops by using the principle of “SEEBECK EFFECT”.


Multi-acting Reciprocating Pump using Diaphragm

Fund Received : Rs. 12,685/-

Guide : Dr.S.Gopi

Student members: M. Gautam, K. Gokul, S. Monish Raja, R. Rajesh

This project integrates the radial engine and the diaphragm pump for its usage to reduce the overall weight.


Suction type Windmill


A newly designed windmill which works on the principle of vertical windmill combined with a rotor-stator blade system (more likely a TURBOMOLECULAR PUMP).The project is selected one among the BEST TWO under theme MICRO INNOVATION in RESEARCH EXPO in IIT- MADRAS.


CNC Methane Extractor

Abdul Samath.M.R.,B. AnkalaEswar

The project involves methane synthesis from engine outlets and reusing the synthesized methane. The project won 1st prize in Technical symposium of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.