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Programme Outcomes

Students of M.E. Computer Science and Engineering Programme at the time of graduation will be able to:

PO1: Exhibit higher order knowledge formation with wider and global perspective on Computer Science and Engineering.

PO2: Apply critical thinking to analyze, improve, create, evaluate and improve information for the conduct of research in Computer Science and Engineering.

PO3: Create and conceptualize optimal solutions for Computer Engineering and IT Problems by lateral thinking with awareness of public health safety, culture, society and environmental factors.

PO4: Perform exhaustive survey to familiarize with problems and rightly mix research methodologies and tools to design and conduct experiments for the development of scientific/technological knowledge.

PO5: Select, create if needed, and apply with the knowledge of limitations, the state of the art techniques and IT tools for complex engineering problems.

PO6: Recognize and use opportunities to contribute positively for collaborative-multi disciplinary scientific research to achieve common goals.

PO7: Practise engineering and management principles including economical and financial factors.

PO8: Communicate effectively and confidently.

PO9: Engage in lifelong learning to improve knowledge and competence.

PO10: Practise code of ethics in professional accomplishments and research for sustainable societal development.

PO11: Learn by observation and examination of the outcomes achieved, including mistakes, without external feedback.