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Programme Outcomes


Students of B.Tech. Information Technology Programme at the time of graduation will be able to:

  • PO1: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, sciences and basic engineering skills to solve real life problems.
  • PO2: Explore IT specific literature and analyze complex engineering problems using foundational knowledge on mathematics, natural sciences and                             engineering sciences.
  • PO3: Design and develop IT solutions for emerging engineering problems with due consideration for public health, safety, culture, society and environment.
  • PO4: Analyze, interpret and integrate data to provide valid conclusion for complex engineering problems.
  • PO5: Use, create if needed, suitable resources including techniques and IT tools to predict and model complex engineering activity.
  • PO6: Apply contextual knowledge to assess societal health, safety, legal and cultural issues relevant to IT profession.
  • PO7: Analyze the local and global impact of environmental friendly hardware/software applications for sustainable development.
  • PO8: Practise code of ethics in personal, social and professional activities.
  • PO9: Perform effectively as an individual and as a member or a leader in a multi disciplinary team to accomplish a goal.
  • PO10: Connect a range of audience with an effective oral and written communication.
  • PO11: Ensure professional development growth through contextual, reflective and life long learning.
  • PO12: Effectively manage projects of multi disciplinary nature as a member or a leader in achieving financial goal.