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Department of Mechanical Engineering - About the Department

The Government College of Technology formerly named as Arthur Hope College of Technology, was established in July 1945 to provide valuable guide ship to the industrial sectors in variant field of manufacturing. In this reputed institution, the Department of Mechanical Engineering geared up in the academic year of 1952 with the Undergraduate Programme and in the year 1971 Engineering Design as a Post Graduate Programme continued by Manufacturing Engineering in the year 1980 and Thermal Engineering in the year 2002. The involvement and contribution of work force on teaching and learning process of both teaching and non-teaching staff enrich the Mechanical Department of as a pioneer one. Coimbatore is the Manchester of South India' having Foundries, Textile machinery manufacturing industries, Automobile spares manufacturing industries. Also it is runner to full-fill the need of globalized engineering requirements. To the industrial needs and to stabilise their logo in the field, man-potential with in-hands training knowledge in mechanical engineering is important. The department has been showing in-hands training knowledge to their mechanical discipliners with the aid of conventional and modernized technology systems. The department has achieved NBA with its academic records and supporting activities to the industries. The modern technology of CMM, CNC Machineries, Wire cut EDM, Advanced Thermal Measurement Techniques, Vibration Fundamental Trainer, 3D Printing and Advanced Casting Technologies have been included in the curriculum to build up the students as a handsome engineer to the modern technological fields. To elevate the discipliners as an entrepreneur in its specialization of field, the industrial environment training programmes passionate with the academic topics. Measurement on every carrier creates a novelty in their life style in the engineering environment. 

The Department has adequate research works being carried out in the fields of Welding, Bio Fuels, Vibrations, Aero Elastic Wing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Solar Energy, Electrochemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) of Bio-Ceramics, ECM, Tribological Characteristics and Nano Composites. The Department has produced more than 50 PhDs and is carrying out consultancy and testing services to Government and Private sectors and is active in generating internal revenue to the   college.
The department has 23 teaching faculties and 38 non teaching staff. The department has signed 7 MOU’s with industries.
Ph.D Research Scholars
No of Students Pursuing PhD – (Full Time) – 12
No of Students Pursuing PhD – (Part Time) – 22