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Programmes Organised Date
Real Time Digital Simulator 16.02.12
Soft Computing Techniques in Electrical System and Control (AICET sponsored) 09.05.12 to 22.05.12
Research opportunities in Contemporary issues of Engineering 24.08.12  to  30.08.12
Engineering Solutions through Matlab (TEQIP training) 11.10.12  to  17.10.12
Restructured Power Markets and Facts Devices (TEQIP) 28.02.12  to  06.03.13
Efficient control of renewable energy and its Conservation (AICTE sponsored) 25.04.13  to  08.05.13
Avenues for advanced research in modern power electronics and hybrid energy systems (AICTE sponsored) 15.05.13  to  28.05.13
Smart Grid Challenges & Opportunities (AICTE sponsored) 29.05.13  to  11.06.13
Industrial Automation Using PLC’s 20.07.13
National Conference on Electrical and Instrumentation Systems (NCEIS) 2010,2011,2012,2013