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Dr.A.Meena Kowshalya

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Dr.A.Meena Kowshalya
Earned Degree/Diploma: 
Current Designation: 
Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
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Programmes Organized :

1. National Level Workshop on Ethical Hacking on 21.02.2014

2. TEQIP II One week Faculty Developement Programme on "Emerging Trends in Pervasive and Mobile computing" from 27.02.2017 to 05.03.2017

3. ICT Academy Sponsored IT/ITES Sector Training Programme on "Data Science, Big Data Analytics & Soft Skills" from 31.08.2017 to 13.10.2017

4. TCS Sponsored Students Workshop on "Big Data and Analytics" on 03.03.2018.

5. TEQIP II Sponsored Student Workshop on " Big Data Anaytics" on 17.09.2018.

6. TEQIP III Sponsored Workshop on "IoT & Embedded Systems" from 07.08.2019 to 08.08.2019

7. ICT Academy Sponsored IT/ITES Sector Training Programme on " Soft Skills, Big Data Analtyics, Hardare and Networking" from 02.12.2019 to  21.101.2020




1. Winner of the National Convention of 2nd AICTE-ECI-ISTE Vishwakarma Awards 2018




1. Department TEQIP Coordinator

2. Department Library Officer

3. Incharge of College Website Maintainance 

4. Department Industry Readiness Coordinator

5. Department Coordinator - IIIC (Industry Institute Interaction Cell)

6. Internal Qualtiy Assurance Cell member 

7. Deputy warden - Amaravathi Illam

8. Atal Ranking of Instituions and Innovations (ARIIA) Nodal Officer

9. Institute Innovation Council Amassdor, GCT.