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Department of Production Engineering - Faculties

Production Engineering
Picture Name Earned Degree/Diploma Current Designation Contact Phone Number Email (Official Preferred)
Palani1's picture Dr.P.K.Palani BE(Hons) ME PhD MISTE MIWS Vice Principal, Professor and HoD 9486384852 pkpalaniku@gct.ac.in, pkpalaniku@gmail.com
Srinivasamoorthy's picture Dr.S.Srinivasa moorthy B.E., M.E., Ph.D., MISTE., Associate Professor 9865763226 ssrinivasamoorthy@gct.ac.in
Gopi's picture Dr. S.Gopi ME(ED), MBA(HR), PhD, MISTE, MIIPE, MSAE, MIWS, Associate Professor +91 9500655335 gopi@gct.ac.in
sasikumar's picture Dr.A. Sasikumar M.Tech., Ph.D, MISTE., Assistant Professor 9486575333 sasikumar@gct.ac.in
vijayarajaragavan's picture Mr.G. Vijaya Raja Ragavan M.E. Assistant Professor 9360374330 gvijraj@gct.ac.in
ajaymanikandan's picture Lt N. Ajaymanikandan M.E. Assistant Professor ajay@gct.ac.in
skumar's picture Dr.S.Kumar M.E., Ph.D., Assistant Professor 9884172915 skumar@gct.ac.in
ilamathi's picture Dr.P.Ilamathi M.E., PhD. Assistant Professor 9150166344 ilamathi@gct.ac.in
sankarkumar's picture M. Sankar Kumar B.TECH, M.E. Assistant Professor 9600550988 msankarkumar@gct.ac.in
Kanagarajan's picture D.Kanagarajan M.E,PhD Associate Professor (CAS) 8903704770 Kanagarajan.d.prod@gct.ac.in
anbuselvan's picture Dr. S. ANBU SELVAN B.E, M.E, Ph.D. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 9865387907 anbushankari@yahoo.co.in
Mr.M.MATHANRAJ's picture Mr.M.Mathanraj M.E.. Assistant Professor 8189936260 mathanrajtamilselvi@gmail.com