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Department of EIE Engineering - Faculties

Picture Name Qualification Designation Contact no Email
Prasannamoorthy's picture Dr. V. Prasanna Moorthy M.E.,(Distn.) Ph.D., MISTE., Professor (CAS) 9443750031 prasanna@gct.ac.in
wincy's picture Dr. A.S.Wincy Pon Annal M.E (Process Control and Instrumentation) Assistant Professor 9003660507 asw@gct.ac.in, selwincy@gmail.com
radhika's picture Mrs. G.R.Radhika M.E.,MISTE., Assistant Professor 9942355466 radhika@gct.ac.in
marimuthu's picture Mr.C.Marimuthu M.Tech. Assistant Professor 9486667439 marimuthu@gct.ac.in
ragha's picture Ms. M.Raghappriya M.E., MISTE., Assistant Professor ragha_mms@gct.ac.in
arulmozhi's picture Mrs. N. Arulmozhi M.Tech Assistant Professor 9940305535 arulmozhi6@gct.ac.in
suguna's picture Mrs. A Suguna ME., Assistant Professor 9442711299 asuguna@gct.ac.in
Dr. P. Mangaiyarkarasi's picture Dr. P. Mangaiyarkarasi M.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor 9095429218 mangaiyarkarasip80@gmail.com
achiammal's picture Dr. B Achiammal ME.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor 9543471207 nanthi12@gmail.com
ramalakshmi's picture Ms. M. Ramalakshmi M.E Assistant Professor rama.saaianand@gmail.com
susansuchitra's picture Ms. M.C. Susan Suchitra M.E Assistant Professor 9677217856 susansuchitra@gmail.com