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Faculty M.E. CSE

Picture Name Qualification Designation Contact no Email
Miraclin's picture Dr. J. C. Miraclin Joyce Pamila M.E. Ph.D. Professor (CAS) and Head of the Department(i/c) 9843886035 miraclin@gct.ac.in
S_Rathi's picture Dr. S. Rathi ME.,Ph.D Professor (CAS) 9843190500 rathi@gct.ac.in
meenakowshalya's picture Dr.A.Meena Kowshalya M.E.,Ph.D Assistant Professor 9585502131 meenakowsalya@gct.ac.in
annysuganya's picture Ms.A. Anne Suganya M.Tech-Information Technology Assistant Professor 9585544172 anne.a.cse@gct.ac.in
ramya's picture Mrs.N.Ramya ME Assistant Professor 8870274892 ramya.n.cse@gct.ac.in