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About SRF

Student Research Foundation: 

"Ideas are the source of innovation and innovation is the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress"

The institution has established Student research foundation (SRF) in the year 2010 to initiate research and new product developments within the campus. Through SRF, innovative ideas are given funds and technical guidance required to develop them into full fledged products and solutions.



To inspire and build engineering graduates, who can effectively respond to social challenges, lead the movement to grassroots development and be the premier place for young innovators to meet, collaborate, learn and develop social innovations and research at their undergraduate studies. 


To promote innovation, inspire research, educate and support new innovations and create environments where students can succeed. 



  1. To facilitate resources for undergraduate research through mentoring and networking.
  2. To raise awareness about research and new innovations amongst engineering students.
  3. Participate and collaborate on programs with congruent organizations for funding as well as a knowledge exchange.
  4. Develop new products/solutions that favours for the society.  
  5. Establish and foster an open forum for the exchange of ideas, concerning the societal well being of the national and global community.
  6. Over a period of 5 years, shift from resource facilitator to resource provider for promoting and fostering research for undergraduates.