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Department of Mechanical Engineering - Faculty

Mechanical Engineering
Picture Name Qualification Designation Contact no Email Academic Responsibility and Role
Alwarsamy's picture Dr. T. Alwarsamy Ph.D. Professor and Head (PG) 9442006340 talwarsamy@gmail.com Head - PG programs: Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering and Thermal Engineering
Nataraj's picture Dr.M.NATARAJ ME(Engg. Design), Ph.D, ISME, ISTE, CMSI Professor and HoD (UG) 9894516524 Nataraj@gct.ac.in; m_natanuragct@yahoo.com Head - UG program: Mechanical Engineering - FT BE and PTBE
msekar's picture Dr.M.Sekar ME.,Ph.D.,MISTE.,MSESI Professor (CAS) 9444218206 sekargctc@gmail.com Programme coordinator - M.E., Manufacturing Engineering
Ramesh's picture Dr.K.Ramesh ME(Thermal Engg.) . Ph.D.,MISTE., Associate Professor (CAS) 7598020676 kramesh@gct.ac.in Programme coordinator - M.E., Thermal Engineering
Parimala Murugaveni's picture Tmt.S.Parimala Murugaveni M.E.,(Engg. Design) AssociateProfessor (CAS) 9486112661 pari_contact@rediffmail.com Programme Coordinator- B.E., Mechanical Engineering
Nandakumar's picture Dr. N.Nandakumar M.E., (Engg. Design)., Ph.D Associate Professor (CAS) 9994496070 drnannthu@gct.ac.in Programme coordinator - M.E., Engineering Design
sekar's picture Dr.T.Sekar M.E, Ph.D., C Eng (U.K) Assistant Professor (S.G) 9092500393 drtsekar76@gct.ac.in & drtsekar76@gmail.com Co-ordinator for AICTE EOA
periyasamy's picture Dr.S.Periyasamy BE(Mech-DISTN), ME(Aero-DISTN), PhD, MISTE, MAeSI 8754030606 speriyasamy@gct.ac.in Faculty Advisor- M.E., Engineering Design
Dr.S.AYYAPPAN's picture Dr.S.Ayyappan M.E (Industrial Engineering), Ph.D (Manufacturing Engineering) Assistant Professor 9944622685 ayyappansola@gmail.com Faculty Advisor- B.E., Mechanical Engineering
Surendran's picture Thiru.R.Surendran ME ( Engg Design) Assistant Professor 9840587794 surengce@gmail.com Faculty Advisor - M.E., Manufacturing Engineering B.E., Mechanical Engineering
B_Rajeswari's picture Tmt.B.Rajeswari M.E.,(Manufacturing Engg) Assistant Professor 9965736751 rajes.aravind@gmail.com Faculty Advisor- M.E., Manufacturing Engineering
usha's picture Dr.S.Usha PhD Assistant Professor 9952985974 usha_s@gct.ac.in,ushapradeep24@gmail.com Faculty Advisor - B.E., Mechanical Engineering
vadivel's picture Thiru.N.Vadivel M.Tech IITMadras Assistant Professor 9489891187 vadivel_n@gct.ac.in Faculty Advisor - B.E., Mechanical Engineering
bradeeshmoorthy's picture Thiru.S.Bradeesh Moorthy M.E (Engg Design) Assistant Professor 7598403385 bradeshm@yahoo.com Faculty Advisor - B.E Mechanical Engineering
Kulandaivel's picture Thiru.D.Kulandaivel M.E (Engineering Design) Assistant Professor 9952153511 dkvelad@gmail.com Faculty Advisor- M.E Thermal Engineering
rakesh's picture Thiru.Rakesh Gautam M.Tech (IITB) Assistant Professor 9468618015 rakesh.gautam60@gmail.com, Faculty Advisor - B.E., Mechanical Engineering-B (2017-21 )
vallavims's picture Dr.M.S.Aezhisai Vallavi M.E.,Ph.D Assistant Professor vallavims@gct.ac.in Faculty Advisor - B.E., Mechanical Engineering
Th.C.Anand's picture Mr.C.Anand M.E Assistant Professor 9750747331 anand.cme181@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.K.KARTHIKEYAN's picture Mr.K.Karthikeyan ME Assistant Professor 6379931045 karthikumaran786@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.K.BALASUBRAMANIAN's picture Mr.K.Balasubramanian ME Assistant Professor 9894444578 balu.cbe35@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.A.ANBARASAN's picture Mr.A.Anbarasan ME Assistant Professor 8098285035 anbu13894@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Dr.G.PADMANABAN's picture Dr.G.Padmanaban ME.,Ph.D Assistant Professor 9952315517 agpn1977@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.P.SHANMUGAM's picture Mr.P.Shanmugam ME Assistant Professor 9962673681 shanmugampceg@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.K.KARTHIKEYAN 2's picture Mr.K.Karthikeyan ME Assistant Professor 9791493660 karthi1383@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.M.PRABHU's picture Mr.M.Prabhu ME Assistant Professor 9894154429 prabhucad.m@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.K.GOBINATH's picture Mr.K.Gobinath ME Assistant Professor 9003980005 gobinath.kumarasamy@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.S.SURENDAR's picture Mr.S.Surendar ME Assistant Professor 9994462756 surenmech23@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor
Mr.T.JAYARAJ's picture Mr.T.Jayaraj ME., Assistant Professor 9952444935 jayaprofessional@gmail.com Assistant Faculty Advisor